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Need some advice with a C308, H&K 91 clone

Hey folks this is gonna be a long post cause there's a story that goes with my issues that I feel is relevant.
So I own both a C308 and a C93 sporter, an H&K 91 and 93 clone. I took them both in to a gunshop about 2 months ago for some minor upgrades.
The C93 got a new handguard. It's a metal handguard and I don't own any kind of files or anything and it needed just a little help fitting tightly.
The C308 needed a little more help. I was having issues with the extractor. It would wobble just enough where it would catch on the bolt head when the rifle would cycle and jam up the gun. So I ordered a binary trigger to replace the whole thing and I also ordered a new extended charging handle.
I was told no issues they'd get right to it.
Couple days later I get a call saying they ran into some issues. The C308 trigger is based on the older CETME design and not the H&K trigger. So they couldn't simply drop in the binary since I needed additional parts.
Their solution was to take the parts I needed from the C93 and put them in the C308. They'd take the CETME trigger and put it in the C93 and the H&K trigger would come out and go in the C308. I was told both guns would function fine. I said okay and didn't think much of it.
Couple days later I go to pick up the rifles, they called and said they're done.
I go into the shop and there's a problem. I was told that" hey so turns out the triggeres aren't compatible like I thought so I couldn't swap them out. I did have all the parts to put the binary in the C93 so I just did that instead."
So now the trigger is in the wrong rifle and my .308 still doesn't have a functional trigger. I'm more than a little pissed. I can't do a lot with it right now cause I have people at the range waiting for me cause they wanted to see the new upgrades on the rifles.
So I told them I'm gonna come back and get this settled cause this ain't right.
While we're at the range I go to shoot the C93 with the new Binary trigger in it and now I have two non functional rifles cause the C93 won't fire.
So I take both guns back and he puts the C93 back together the way it was and now it works fine. I was told that the binary trigger came with a few different springs to adjust the weight of the trigger pull. He said he must have just put in to light of a spring and that's why the rifle never fired.
So now the C308 has a new trigger but I still don't know if it works. Cause now we're having issues with the charging handle.
The charging handle lays flat along the gun when not in use. When you rotate it away before you pull it back it's suppose to break the locking rollers so you're not pulling against those when you go to charge the rifle.
Now it doesn't happen every time, maybe every 3 out of 10 times, but when you go to charge the rifle the charging handle won't release the locking rollers and the gun will seize up on you. Takes a lot of fiddling to get it to work right again after it does this.
So my question to you guys is what might be wrong with the new charging handle that I can fix this issue.
And also
If this Smith can't fix the rifle what kind of options do I have legally? Can I make him pay for another smith to fix his issues or do I just get a refund for service?
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XE TRADER Sept.2015 REVIEW | A Scam Review? | Under The Bonnet Investigation

I personally don’t have time or money to waste on anything that smells like a scammy product or service. That’s why in early September when this product first flashed across my screen, I was compelled to investigate. “What the……. is this?” was my initial response. This might sound harsh, however, if you, the consumer are looking for shortcuts to earn and learn how to get rich overnight using Binary Option Trading as your vehicle, you really need to ask yourself the hard questions before incinerating money on products that promise quick riches. Now, fast forward to today, my comments are still emphatic, however once you read this article and review my findings you will be surprised. Throughout this article we will identifying and asking the hard questions one should ponder before purchasing any type of Auto or Semi-Auto-Trader based software. Please read and pay special attention to this article, by the end you will be educated enough to decide whether or not this product is worth investing your time and money in.
WARNING: If you are a new or an existing Binary Options trader, you must be well aware that 90% of people trading Binary Options lose their money. To avoid black holes one should train their minds to acquire a tool set that will not only assist you identifying daily trades, but also provides you the the ability to read the markets, simplifying trend analysis and most importantly educating oneself to trade effectively. Don’t fall into the trap of receiving signals and resorting to blind trading, i.e. roll the dice, cross your fingers and hope for the best.
Q1. In a competitive market, what is the purpose and point of difference with XE Trader? Answer: As a trader you have a collection of tools you use to trade, to illustrate you may have a set of tools, i.e. a knife, screw driver, pick, metal file, corkscrew etc. XE Trader is packed with many all in one features similar to that of a Swiss Army Knife, features that will enhance your trading experience. XE Trader is delivered to you as a platform not an application with its versatility you can install third party applications within this platform. September 2015, the claim has been made that “XE Trader is the world's most advanced currency pair trend indicator and signals robot designed specifically for binary options trading”. How so? “XE Trader is packed with feature rich enhancements that improve your trading experience”. The main purpose behind XE Trader is to serve as an aid in assisting traders with their understanding of trades, where the information comes from, so they can spot opportunities on their own as they arise within the markets.
Q2. Who’s behind this product, what’s their history? are they known criminals/scammers? Answer: XE Trader is brought to you by the world's largest privately owned binary options trader education company Options XE. Education in the form of Trading Webinars is a core part of Option XE's business. Following 3 years of development EX Trader is now the successor of the worlds first binary options robot Optionbot 2, their first creation. Over the years many trading bots have been released into the market, within weeks/months they crash and burn, never to be seen again. Optionbot 2 on the other hand has been and still in circulation, very popular and profitable since day one. This in itself attributes to the success of OptionXE’s first live OptionBot. “In short the XE Trader platform is more than a trading tool, it’s an all encompassing service which will help you win more trades and learn how to become a more effective trader”. The brains and brawn behind OptionBot2 and XE Trader include.
Keith Wareing.............CEO of OptionXE Jack Travers................Services Director Ben Newman...............Operations Director
As a collective these guys have been in the trading and training business for decades. Now totaling 30 staff, and a trained based of over 20,000 students, these guy’s leave no stone upturned when it comes to providing great support and training backing a solid product. The XE Trader product is a culmination of all of that work that as company Option EX achieved to date. All of their trading experience have been encapsulated into a single computer Window so you the trader can learn how to trade more effectively from home.
Q3. What are the key product features and how will these prove advantageous to me? Answer: a. Trend Indicator in also build in across 15 currency pairs. b. Push signals are available across all 30 assets, All signals provided within this platform are passed on via proven leading signal providers. c. Copy trade signals are also made available. These are particularly useful when you are attending one of Ben Newman's webinars, all of which live trading is performed on behalf attendees as they learn how to become familiar with the XE Trader trading platform. d. SMS Alerts e. Economic trading calendar: To keep you apprised of market conditions ahead of time at a glance. f. Market opening times alarm clock g. Accurate Zoomable Price Charts h. Embedded trader insight videos and bulletins surrounding market announcements and events, videos and bulletins are available on the fly.
Q4. If this is a signal service how does it connect with my existing broker? Answer: As an improvement from OptionBot2’s costly and strict broker entry requirements of 3 to 5 must have registered brokers The entry requirement for XE TRADER is just the one broker. You can even use your existing broker.
Q5. How much does this product cost? Are there any hidden costs? What’s the catch? Answer: You can pay an all up lifetime licence of 2,999 pounds, includes 1 month subscription to their daily training webinars or you can opt in for the a Free Licence offer, how long this window stays open is anyone’s guess. If this product meets popular demand and takes off as a roaring success, or if it flops, either scenario will undoubtedly have a determination as to this product windows life-cycle period.
Q6. If this sounds like a “Too good to be true” offer, what's the angle, how do the promoters profit? Answer: If the OptionBot2 is anything to go by I don’t believe this product falls into that category.
Q7. What realistically can my expectations be by connecting with this product/service? Answer: Please view the product video. Here you will find reviews by beta testers.
XE Trader Product Video
WARNING: As video has been published by OptionsXE, a pinch of salt could be in order, unbiased content? Well you decide. Historical sales and ITM performance form OptionBot2, would suggest that after years of further research and development of XE Trader could be a promising in this industry. What we have here is now called a platform, somewhat more than a trading tool, an all encompassing service that will help you win more trades and learn how to become a more effective trader.
Q8. If I invest in this product and it all goes very wrong, what are my options? Answer: The XE Team behind the development and support for this product are very credible, collectively they have years of knowledge and experience. Ben Newman provides live assistance and training via his complimentary webinars as a service once you register with XE Trader.
To conclude it is refreshing to see a sold rounded product unlike the other scams on the internet. Thank You for reviewing this article, I hope you have found it informative. Please leave a comment below, all the best as you complete you own due diligence and move forward.

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1. Always remember when testing out any new trading ventures, manual or automatic, make sure you have a money management plan, once you have a strategy in place stick with it.
2. A FREE trading DEMO account is a great way to test out new strategies so you don’t go bust in the process.  
3. Not all brokers are made equal when it comes to great customer service, being able to withdraw funds, having a user friendly, easy to use trading platform to work with. I have traded with a countless number of brokers, some I have had nightmare experiences. I prefer to trade only using industry regulated brokers tick all the boxes, as above ( I have listed these below). If
you are not sure, try out one of the brokers listed below, do a background check as required, they will provide you with a demo account on request.


Banc De Binary
Cherry Trade
Interactive Options
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Binary Options Trading With Franco - Learn Make $1000 A Day With Binary Options SCHAFF TREND CYCLE STC INDICATOR  20 WIN STREAk- BINARY ... 60 SEC Binary Options Strategy Profitable Logical Sixty second Binary Trading Binary ALPHA INTRO Martingale on Binary Options - How To Make $40 - $50 An ... Day 2 - Solution Manager and Application LifeCycle Management - Remote Training binäre option broker paysafecard - binäre optionen broker - geld im internet verdienen 2017 SCHAFF TREND CYCLE STC INDICATOR - 800% PROFIT - BINARY ... iq option Review  Is this the best new binary options broker? Binary Options Magnet The Worlds First Binary Options Bot

The waves within a cycle can be calculated using the Fibonacci tools. And we will use the entire wave and market cycle principles to trade one touch options on a daily basis. So let’s go to the charts so we can better understand what we are talking about here. This is the Euro/US dollar forward chart, and as you can see, we are in a steep up move, and it is very easy to say or to go and ... Binary Options vs. Vanilla Options . A vanilla American option gives the holder the right to buy or sell an underlying asset at a specified price on or before the expiration date of the option. A ... Binary Options Fraud Recovery How to Recover the Money You Lost. Challenging binary options brokers can be very complex and mistakes can cost you. E-Wealth Refunds analyzes your case and assists you throughout the entire process. The internet is Ground Zero for binary options fraud and binary options scams in the 21st century. ShipHero organizes your order cycle with its array of order management features. You can set the priorities of orders, so those for VIPs and preferred customers land on top of the queue or be provisioned for personalized packages. With the rules that you set, orders can be sent to the warehouse, put on hold, or flagged for inspection. The level of control the software affords allows you to set ... Binary Options Fraud How to Recover the Money You Lost. Challenging binary options brokers can be very complex and mistakes can cost you. FraudsInvestigation analyzes your case and assists you throughout the entire process. The internet is Ground Zero for binary options fraud and binary options scams in the 21st century. In binary options I utilize only semi-automated systems, where I am still required to place the trade. However, in Forex, I am willing to use a fully automated tool to supplement my returns. So, instead of having to place the trades on my own, the EA (Fury), trades on my behalf. This works perfectly with my busy schedule, and is the perfect compliment to binary trading. When the development ... Mutiple investment options running simultaneously for enhanced capital Return on Investment. Your profit maximization is our priority . Time Saver. Our team of marketers and brokers are available to serve mutiple investors to save your time and effort making forex and Binary options easy and beneficial to all. PaceFX Trade Insight. PaceFX Trade as the Company, operated by Cent Projects Ltd ... Apple Inc. (NASDAQ: AAPL) reported strong fiscal-year fourth quarter results Thursday, although iPhone revenues came in softer than expected. The Apple Analysts: Wedbush analyst Daniel Ives ... Looking for honest ManageEngine AssetExplorer reviews? Learn more about its pricing details and check what experts think about its features and integrations. Read user reviews from verified customers who actually used the software and shared their experience on its pros and cons. Binary options, in their most common form, ... I instantly called my broker and this criminal which burned all my money said that he will refund all my positions and I will succed to withdrawal all my money. I waited for few hours and tryied to call John, and he never asked. Days passed away, I was trying and trying to call him, to write to his email, but without answers. I want to catch this ...

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Binary Options Trading With Franco - Learn Make $1000 A Day With Binary Options

Open A Free Account: Caution: Before you trade with any strategy using your money, make sure you try it out with virtual money on... Well binary options are a MUCH safer option yet still allow you to make huge profits! I could see the potential immediately... There was no way to blow my account on any one trade yet I could ... Best Binary Options Strategy 2020 - 2 Minute Strategy LIVE TRAINING! - Duration: 43:42. BLW Online Trading Recommended for you. 43:42. 1177 BC: The Year Civilization Collapsed (Eric Cline, PhD) - ... click Here : Binary ALPHA is a 60 Second logical trading method where you take 60 SEC trading as a risk cycle and turn ever... Profitability up to 90% binäre option broker paysafecard - binäre optionen broker vergleich (01/17): sie suchen de... Skip navigation Sign in. Search. Loading... Close. This video is unavailable ... ----- Click here: -----... There are so many pros to IQ Option we highly recommend making this the broker to trade binary options with. The only downside is they do not accept USA or Japanese traders (sorry guys). You Can Download The Latest Bot / Signal Vfxalert Please Click on The link below! Contact Telegram ️ Join Binary,com and Get Profit... SCHAFF TREND CYCLE STC INDICATOR - 800% PROFIT - BINARY OPTION US You Can Download The Latest Bot / Signal Vfxalert Please Click on The link below! Contact T... Welcome To Ample Binary - The Best Chart Guide That Will Change Your Market Perception! Ample Binary Is A Price Action Trading Pattern That Is By Far The Best In Predicting Market Behavior.